Labour Rights for Amazon employees in Europe

Question for written answer to the Commission Rule 130 Alfred Sant (S&D) Subject: Labour Rights for Amazon employees in Europe Roughly 2,400 Amazon employees went on strike across Europe last Friday, 23rd November. Workers in Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom walked out their work place demanding more sustainable working conditions. To take on

Explanation of Votes

European Competition Network Report

I voted in favour of this proposal because it aims at strengthening national competition authorities and the way these bodies operate. National competition authorities are essential entities for safeguarding the functioning of the single market. I agree that a certain level of harmonization in the power and responsibility of each member state’s competition authority is

Explanation of Votes

Rule of law in Romania

My position on this vote carries the previous stances I took on the assessment of potential breaches of the rule of law in the EU. Questions regarding respect for the rule of law in member states constitute a crucial issue which needs to be tackled in a transparent and fully clinical – not to say