I voted in favour of the Report on the Conservation of fishery resources and protection of marine ecosystems through technical measures because I see a will in the text of the European Parliament to defend the rights of small-scale fishermen. The report aims at simplifying rules while opting for a decentralised approach, allowing for tailor-made measures to be adapted to the regional needs of each sea basin in the EU.

Decisively, the adopted approach envisages the regionalisation of targets for key fisheries instead of an EU-wide quantifiable target. Regionalised and more simplified targets are better suited to counter EU centralism that has been having a negative impact on the many small fishing realities of the EU.
Finally, on the most controversial topic in this file, electric fishing also known as pulse-fishing has been put in check. Pulse-fishing, it is claimed, is damaging for our marine ecosystems and small-scale fishermen. The new rules add a ban on pulse-fishing, a ban I supported through the vote.

At this point, it is important to keep as a priority the rights and earnings of traditional fishing communities, especially those in isolated or peripheral regions and where fishing activities are small-scale, conducted by families.

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