This report presents a workmanlike approach to the challenge of making the best utilization of existing Treaty provisions by which to run the EU. However I would like to register my reservations concerning the implications of number of recommendations about which I disagree. Among others, they are the following:
-Any development that would through the implementation of QMV restrict the voice of small and medium sized countries in asserting their national interests cannot be endorsed.
-Efforts to promote and heighten the effects of a common security and defence policy cannot be acceptable to those member states which ascribe to a policy of neutrality, unless full account is taken of their position on defence issues.
-The proposal to integrate the fiscal pact within the EU treaties ignores completely the anti-democratic and non-transparent way by which it was introduced into the European canon. Such a pact cannot become a pillar of eurozone integration unless it is newly subjected to full and democratic discussion and decision within and between all member states. For these reasons I have abstained in the vote.

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