I qualify as follows my vote in favour:
This proposal provides another opportunity to signal that beyond participating in international conservation efforts of fish stocks, and implementing agreed rules, the European Union has another duty.
It has to safeguard the way of life and earnings of traditional fishing communities, especially in isolated or peripheral regions and where fishing activities are small scale, conducted by families.
Applying to them the logic used to regulate corporations is wrong.
Such a logic makes traditional fisheries appear not to be viable, when they are.
Speaking from the experience of Malta, this has needlessly disrupted the work of fishing communities and weakened the social fabric that kept them cohesive.
During recent years, the traditional fishing community has been decimated.
Quotas, new licenses and rules were applied on its operations according to Union directives.
Aquaculture as a source of additional fish supplies is welcome.
But economically and socially, it offers no compensation for the loss of traditional fishing.
A new effort is needed to create a better framework for the operations of small scale, traditional fishermen.
I would urge that this be given priority, before further losses of manpower and resources are experienced in the sector.

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