I voted against the resolution because: –there is no legal or political basis to insist that Article 50 TEU be activated forthwith. The UK which remains a very important part of Europe is in political turmoil and in no position to start negotiations on leaving the EU. Waiting till the situation stabilizes there before the leave process takes off, will not affect the current state of uncertainty, and is in the fundamental interests of European, including British, working people; –the way forward as presented in the resolution will be incomprehensible to most European citizens and their families, and cannot appear as a response to their concerns and fears. The resolution does not ask the right questions or provide the right replies; –starting a wide discussion on treaty changes, some directed towards increased federalism when no prospects exists to bridge effectively the growing divergences between different regions of the EU, is not the right way forward. This should be consolidation and a total insistence on giving priorities to growth policies in Europe. Moreover the approach defined by the resolution will play into the hands of forces who will see in it multiple opportunities to call new referenda.

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