Explanation of Votes

The situation in Hungary

My position on this vote was adopted on the following grounds: Prima facie, on the basis of information that is available, I disagree with a number of the policies followed by the present Hungarian government for their illiberal and authoritarian orientation. However I do not believe that the procedures adopted in this House to consider

Explanation of Votes

Copyright in the Digital Single Market

I have voted in favour of this text. The tendency today is for Internet giants to capture the work of creators and use it in the framework of advertising activities. If nothing is done, there will be growing disincentives for creators to work. The proposed directive on copyright in the digital single market seems to

Explanation of Votes

Alfred Sant abstains on EU-Nato relations resolution

Maltese MEP Alfred Sant abstained on the report ‘EU-NATO Relations’ at the European Parliament. Dr Sant said that since Malta is a neutral country, it is appropriate not to vote for or against issues arising from the relationship between the EU and NATO. Secondly, said the Maltese MEP, the report glosses over the real security

Plenary and Committee Speeches

Annual Competition Report – 24.01.2018

Thank you Madame Chair, I think we really have a good bunch of amendments as well as a very good basis to work on in terms of the compromises drafted by the Rapporteur. Some very important sectors are clearly getting recognition, through both the text proposed by the Rapporteur, as well by the tabled amendments.