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Strategic efforts have been made by Tunisia over the past years in the field of combating terrorism. Although the preventive measures put in place still suffer from shortcomings and from certain implementation problems, the work completed so far by Tunisia should be further acknowledged in a scrutinizing manner. Identifying Tunisia as presenting significant threats to

Explanation of Votes

Explanation of vote for the Report

I am voting for this legislative proposal because it introduces needed changes to transfer resources between categories and goals for expenditure in order to keep abreast of set priorities. Especially, the proposal supports the continuation of the Youth Employment Initiative and takes into account the new eligible status of Cyprus under the Cohesion Fund. However


Commission action on Uber’s EU data breach

Question for written answer (Priority) to the Commission Rule 130 Alfred Sant (S&D) P-007169-17 Subject: Commission action on Uber’s EU data breach In October 2016, Uber experienced a massive data breach that included the personal information of 57 million consumers and drivers across the globe, including EU citizens. According to recent news, instead of notifying


Publication of methodologies for the supervision of Less Significant Institutions

In its 2017 November report on “LSI supervision within the SSM”;, the ECB indicates that among other actions it has developed a common Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP) methodology for Less Significant Institutions (LSIs) to foster convergence of supervisory practices. This tool was developed with and is available for National Competent Authorities (NCAs); however