Just a short point Mr chairmen, I would like to suggest that in view of the fact that there is a small minority of MEPs here, who have mixed feelings about the subject in this sense that we are all out for transparency but we are very dubious about convergence, that the actual text at the end of it conceptually distinguishes between what`s into it by way of transparency and what`s into in by way of convergence. So that when we will vote, we will be voting yes for transparency and not necessarily yes for convergence. Coordination is something that is a mixed concept there is it coordination for transparency or is it coordination of tax rates and tax policies? If it is a coordination of transparency, yes, if it is a coordination of convergence and it is the same kind of direction for tax rates, then I am afraid it will be no. But if conceptually we can have a distinction at the level of the text, so that the voting will be transparent as well, that would be very, very helpful.

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