I want to ask one question….we are working within a framework that was really modeled on the experience and events of the early 90s. Does not the rapporteur think that we should have a more critical approach on this basis? Do the standards..economic, social, financial of the early 90s still fit the realities of today? Does he not think that we might be discussing this as well …a radical critique of what we are doing..in terms of whether the tools that we are using really reflect the challenges we face. Whether the methods by which we assess the situations that we are experiencing are actually giving us a true picture of reality…a true picture of where we have to go and how to get new things to get investment going…to get jobs going….we had recently the governor of the French Central Bank who said there is a secular decrease, not just in Europe but also in the US, of investment..private as well as public. And that we do not know where this is coming from, what is causing it. Don’t you think perhaps that we should discuss the current methods that you are using..the current of appreciations that we are putting forward reflect of course the new liberal realities that we live in..but reflect do? Outdated concepts in terms of how we have to understand realities. We have a very different context now to the one that was developing in the early 90s. Globalisation has really moved forward at a big big pace and people are afraid that what we are doing just does not reflect their preoccupations, their needs, they way they feel things..we all the time are dragging forward ideas possibly, that are making oligopolisation work on a global scale..on a European scale. Is this what we want? And this is becoming increasingly the trend. Everything we say, everything we do, reflects not the needs of people, not realities of European economies, but the realities of European oligopolis. So my question is basically this – does not the rapporteur think that it is about time to have a critical appreciation of how we are doing things…not just in terms of outcomes but in terms of methods.

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