Plenary and Committee Speeches

Banking Union: MEPs quiz Single Resolution Board candidates – Ms Elke König – 09.12.2014

Are you satisfied with the architecture of the banking union and specifically with the powers and competencies of the Resolution Mechanism? Don’t you feel that they have been dictated too much by political compromises? For instance the competence of your organization to intervene is drastically restricted in Germany as contrasted to other countries like France,

Plenary and Committee Speeches

Recognition of Palestine statehood – 26.11.2014

Those of us who are equally the friends of Jews and Palestinians must again today condemn the recent attacks on Israeli churchgoers and balance this with disapproval of Israeli policies towards the Palestinians. Our declarations have little to no impact. Outsiders – Americans, Russians, jihadists, Europeans – cannot make peace happen in Israel and Palestine. Only, the

mario draghi
Plenary and Committee Speeches

ECON Meeting – Intervention with Draghi – 17.11.2014

Let me start by expressing my admiration for the way by which you have balanced the contradictory political calls on the decisions you needed to take. You took them with determination and clarity. You have no elective political responsibilities, neither national nor European. Yet you are called to take decisions that have huge political repercussions