Members of this Parliament wishing to criticise the Maltese government, might say that it has adopted policies with which they disagree.
Yet under Dr Muscat’s administration the Maltese economy has reached unprecedented rates of growth at the top of the EU league.
It is delivering prosperity to all segments of the Maltese population.
Reforms have been implemented very quickly.
On social liberalisation, on LGTB rights, on access to education, the reduction of poverty, progress has been rapid.
The government has declared it will correct for any mistakes made.
Critics of the Maltese administration have no basis to claim that the rule of law is being undermined.
That rule is as alive and well in Malta as anywhere else in the EU.
Currently, four magisterial inquiries are investigating allegations of improprieties in public management.
They are proceeding in total independence, in accordance with the rule of law.
The Maltese Prime Minister is committed to respect their conclusions.
Some might dislike the fact that Malta is excelling in financial services.
Yet the sector operates in full conformity with EU and OECD rules.
Individual cases are being wrongly generalised.
The grounds for this debate are non-existent.
If they are given credence, future statements we might make about the rule of law anywhere risk becoming devalued.

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