Written Statements

Situation in Libya (debate) – written statement – 13.01.2015

I believed that we outsiders who are friends of Libya had better allow the Libyan people to find their way to stability and peace by themselves. Recent developments have persuaded me that it could be helpful if friends of Libya suggest the political structures that they feel could best serve Libya’s future interests. I have

Written Statements

New General Budget Of The EU For The F/Y 2015 – 16.12.2014

We debate whether the new strategic fund proposed by the Juncker Commission will trigger new economic activity. The budget before us today equally contains investment funds. And it is important to ensure that these are mobilised efficiently. The record on investment disbursements from the budget is unsatisfactory, absorption of funds low, and delay in project

South Sudan
Written Statements

Humanitarian situation in South Sudan (debate) – 12.11.2014

One cannot but fully support the maintenance of humanitarian action by the EU in South Sudan. Also its extension and strengthening. However, the time has come for the Union, on an autonomous basis, to initiate and improve its intelligence-gathering and assessment capabilities in Sudan and contiguous areas regarding: security; changing patterns of tribal and ethnic