We are facing a situation that results from a buildup of mistrust and an extended powerplay that have gone out of control. One major reason for this is that all sides involved have not been acting in good faith. The Ukraine, where complex and and longstanding jealousies between communities have festered for too long, is racked by civil war. It has become the testing ground for a confrontation between the EU’s soft power and Russia’s boots on the ground. It is the Ukrainian people who have suffered most because of the crisis. I cannot have confidence in the version of one side or the other regarding the Ukrainian crisis, nor in the proposals that they are making regarding the future organization of the European space. A resolution of the crisis can only emerge when there is: –a transparent description of the legitimate aspirations of all sides involved, especially including the Ukrainian communities of east and west; –agreement across the board to respect such legitimate aspirations; –and then agreement regarding a long term plan under international law, to give them satisfaction. This should take into full account the historical realities and contemporary interdependencies that define the European space.

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