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IMF and Eurozone representatives express diverse opinions on Eurozone future

Maltese MEP Alfred Sant said that International Monetary Fund (IMF) officials based in Washington and Eurozone representatives have given two different perspectives on the future of the euro. Dr Sant forms part of a delegation of the Committee for Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament (ECON) which is discussing matters of economic and

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Alfred Sant advocates an increase of 5% in EU minimum wage levels

Former Prime Minister and Maltese MEP Alfred Sant told the European Parliament that where the national minimum wage exists in EU countries, in the current favourable economic context, the minimum wage levels should be increased across the board by at least 5%. The Maltese MEP said that we need to push for the adoption of

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State intervention a must for Gozo

State intervention is paramount to ensure that Gozo prides itself as a European and a national destination and to further improve its connectivity with Malta and the European continent, former Prime Minister and Maltese MEP Alfred Sant told a packed audience in Gozo. The Maltese MEP emphasised that state intervention compensates for Gozo’s double insularity

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1 in 160 children with autism spectrum disorders

Figures from the World Health Organisation state that 1 in 160 children has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) while other studies have however reported substantially higher figures, some stating that 1% of the population has ASD, Maltese MEP Alfred Sant told a seminar on “An EU Autism Strategy to Leave No One Behind” at the

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EU governments should guarantee sustainable pensions

Former Prime Minister and Maltese MEP Alfred Sant said that EU governments should commit their resolve to guarantee sustainable pensions and whenever there is a deficit between income and revenue, fork out the difference annually from their Budgets. Dr Sant made this intervention at the European Parliament during the debate “The future of pensions: fighting