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Prime minister made wise decision in calling snap election

Maltese MEP Alfred Sant said today that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat made a very wise decision when he called for an early election, even if this meant he would be sacrificing a year of the governing mandate he had already won. In this way, he blocked any opportunity for the Opposition to confuse people, which

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Simon Busuttil: A millstone hung around the PN’s neck

Simon Busuttil should have resigned immediately from Parliament after the publication of Magistrate Aaron Bugeja’s conclusions on the unfounded Egrant allegations, but if Busuttil refuses to do so it will be in the interests of the Labour Party. Simon Busuttil has become a millstone hung around the PN’s neck, said Alfred Sant, Head of the

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EU parliament MEPs apprised on magistrate Aaron Bugeja’s conclusions

Dr Alfred Sant, Head of the Maltese S&D Delegation at the European Parliament, updated all MEPs at the EU Parliament with the conclusions of the magisterial enquiry conducted by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja into allegations last year that Prime Miniser Joseph Muscat’s wife owned Egrant, an account linked to the Panama Papers. The enquiry, Dr Sant

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7000 Gozitans working in Malta

Representatives of ‘The Association of Gozitan Employees in Malta’ met Dr Alfred Sant, Head of the Labour Delegation of the European Parliament in Xewkija, Gozo where they explained the social and economic realities which they encounter on a daily basis. The Association’s aim is to safeguard, facilitate, and improve the rights, interests and working conditions