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Crucial to elect MEPS defending Malta first and foremost

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant said it is crucial for the Maltese and Gozitans to elect representatives who place Malta’s interests first and foremost at the forthcoming European elections. Malta will face a difficult scenario in the European Parliament in the next five years, even tougher than it was during the past five years. Malta’s

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1000 Gozitans pursuing their studies at the University of Malta

Almost 1000 Gozitan young people are pursuing their studies at the University of Malta, one fifth of University’s population, Gozo University Group (GUG) officials told former Prime Minister Alfred Sant. The Gozitan students shared their concerns and ambitions during an informal meeting with the Maltese MEP, namely connectivity problems between Gozo and Malta, job opportunities

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The european parliament has given in to the facile stigmatisation of Malta

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant accused the European Parliament of giving in to the facile stigmatisation of countries like Malta, making his last intervention before Parliament’s recess. The Maltese MEP explained why he had abstained on the final vote on the text of the resolution ‘Negotiations with Council and Commission on European Parliament’s right of

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Alfred Sant submits nomination for european elections

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant this morning submitted his nomination for the European elections on behalf of the Labour Party saying this will be the last election he will be contesting. “This will be my last political campaign,” said the former Labour Leader after presenting his nomination in Naxxar. Alfred Sant said he is contesting