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Public funding should compensate for obstacles to participation in culture

Maltese MEP Alfred Sant told the European Parliament that if financial barriers are one of the major obstacles to participation in culture, European and national authorities should allocate a sufficient share of their budgets to public funding for culture. Dr Sant, voting in favour of a European Parliament resolution on structural and financial barriers in

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Alfred Sant on Malta’s EU budget’s share at Żejtun

Malta’s share from EU’s long-term budget will be under the spotlight at Żejtun on Friday 22 June when journalist Manuel Micallef will interview Alfred Sant, Head of the S&D Malta Delegation at the European Parliament on the European Commission’s proposal for EU’s long-term budget for 2021-2027. The first post-Brexit budget is trying to fill the

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Europe should have a common policy on migration

Europe should have a functioning common policy to allow open and legal economic migration, matching migrants to needs identified and declared by member states. It also should strengthen and widen its development aid outreach to sub saharan Africa, while streamlining the investment and operating activities of its own corporations in that zone – so as

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EC launches project on clean air in EU islands

The European Commission has launched the project ‘Strengthening cooperation on climate action among EU islands’ with the primary aim of assisting EU islands to develop clean and eco friendly means of energy. The project was proposed by Maltese MEP Alfred Sant, former Prime Minister and Croatian MEP Tonino Picula, former Foreign Affairs Ministers of Croatia