Alfred Sant told the European Parliament that firms hit by warlife and terrorist activities in the so-called Arab Spring countries, including Libya, which lost jobs and business, should also be supported in the same way as businesses adversely affected by globalization. It is unfair that the workers of SMEs, which invested in Libya for instance, and are now facing huge difficulties, are not treated the same way as companies and workers presently benefitting from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund. The Maltese MEP was explaining his vote on the Mobilisation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Dr. Sant said that beyond the effects of 2008, globalization has led to large disruptions within and between nations. Trade and investment have been disrupted in countries adjacent to Russia and the so-called Arab Spring countries, including Libya. Dr. Sant said that the worst affected are small businesses that invested heavily in trade relations which today are undermined by warlike or terrorist activities against the backdrop of civil war.

‘I have voted in favour of the mobilization of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund regarding Andersen Ireland and similar cases brought before this House, because workers who are being adversely affected by globalization deserve support. Were it not so, I would have voted against. Globalization is not only experienced when businesses close down or when they reduce their number of employees as a result of recession.’ Said the Maltese MEP stating that the response by the European Commission to his question on this issue was most unsatisfactory.

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