While many Europeans are wondering whether the European Union is meaningful for them, against the Ebola threat the EU could have shown that it can make a difference. However this did not happen. Alfred Sant stated this during the plenary session in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Sant, commenting on a reply by the European Commision on his parliamentary question, said that in African countries the Ebola crisis worsened. Ebola cases spread to Europe and the US. In the meantime, for months, we have received statements minimizing the threat and not widespreading panic. Alfred Sant said that as time went by, these statements seemed to be too optimistic. ‘Europe has a vital interest in the Ebola-affected African countries.’ stated Sant, ‘However, there is still no strategic and integrated plan for Europe.

Sant stated that The World Health Organisation said that a major outbreak in the West is unlikely. Sant emphasised that the threat was not seriously dealt with. The latter is still happening. ‘One wonders how in Europe mobilization initiatives remained so weak.’ stated Sant.

The Maltese MEP said that right from the beginning, it was obvious that it was not possible to stop Ebola only at a national level. This is because transport and globalized trade could easily spread it worldwide. Nor could we be prepared only at a medical level. Sant maintained that beyond humanitarian aid, transnational mobilization on other levels such as transport, border control, research, and development aid, was also required.

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