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Promoting Malta’s heritage consolidates tourism

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant today lauded Government’s commitment and efforts to protect and promote Malta’s historical and cultural heritage which is of utmost importance to encourage the tourism industry, one of the main pillars of the Maltese economy. The Maltese MEP visited the Domus Romana, a ruined Roman-era house in Rabat built in the

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Connectivity solutions should protect the beauty of Gozo and Malta

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant said solutions for connectivity between Gozo and Malta should reflect the needs of Gozitans living in Gozo while protecting the natural beauty of Gozo and Malta. The Maltese MEP, meeting Għarb Labour activists and prospective Local Council candidates in Għarb, Gozo discussed Gozitan aspirations in Europe. The best solution for

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Livestock producers need full support to continue their operations

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant said Gozitan and Maltese livestock farmers need the support of the Maltese government to ensure continuity of their operations in milk production which have been facing unbalanced competition since Malta joined the EU. While Gozitan and Maltese holdings are necessarily small scale, their European competitors operate out of large scale

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Alfred Sant and Medserv directors underline need for political stability in Libya

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant and Medserv Directors underlined the importance of European efforts to secure political stability and security in Libya whilst emphasising the need to further strengthen the already friendly relations between Libya and Malta. Medserv directors, led by Chairman Anthony Diacono, invited the Maltese MEP to visit their offices at the Malta