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GWU supports Alfred Sant’s call for a minimum wage increase across Europe

The GWU expressed its support for Alfred Sant’s proposal to increase the Minimum Wage across Europe. A GWU delegation led by Secretary General Josef Bugeja met the Maltese MEP and discussed European challenges that lay ahead for Maltese and Gozitan workers. Both sides noted progress in the local manufacturing industries, notably Playmobile, Tolly, Crane, De

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Imtaħleb farmers counting their loses

Maltese MEP Alfred Sant said Maltese and Gozitan farmers deserve the protection of the Maltese government to facilitate their operations in an unjust competitive market they have been facing since Malta joined the EU. Alfred Sant promised farmers that if elected in May’s European elections, he will continue to voice their concerns at the European

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Millions of europeans feel detached from european institutions

The extreme right in Europe is hijacking the concept of a Europe of nations while millions of Europeans feel detached from the European institutions, former Prime Minister and Maltese MEP Alfred Sant told University students. Dr Sant had an informal meeting with JEF Malta, a non-faculty student organisation, to discuss their invitation to take part

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Malta deserves one voice in europe

Former Prime Minister and Maltese MEP Alfred Sant said it is paramount for Malta and Gozo to field one voice in the European Parliament. Maltese MEPs should defend Malta’s sovereignty, defend tax flexibility among EU member states and ensure that the proposed centralisation of the eurozone will not harm Malta’s economy. We must harbour to

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Alfred Sant calls for a non-federal union of european nation states

Former Prime Minister and Maltese MEP Alfred Sant pledged he will continue to campaign in favor of a Europe of independent and sovereign nation states, as opposed to the concept of a federal Europe which will dictate EU states’ policies from Brussels. “We can’t afford to have this vision to be hijacked by the populists,”