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Better data needed on tourism in Gozo

Tourism in Gozo is doing well but we need to have better data about how the sector is evolving. This was a main point emerging from the discussion held between former Prime Minister Alfred Sant and the Council of the ‘Gozo Tourism Association’ when he visited their offices in Victoria Gozo. Dr. Sant told Council

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Gozo can benefit from a strong EU digital economy

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant told the Council of the ‘Gozo University Group’ (GUG) that Gozo could benefit from a strong EU digital economy. Dr. Sant, who met the GUG Council in Victoria Gozo, referred to the EU’s approach in the coming years to strengthen the digital economy within the EU and emphasized that if

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Alfred sant encourages maltese to visit Gozo during the festive season

Alfred Sant, Head of the Maltese Delegation at the European Parliament, encouraged Maltese to visit Gozo during the festive season to enjoy the various Xmas attractions in various parts of the island. Dr. Sant praised the various government and private sector initiatives to promote Gozo as a tourist destination during this time of the year.

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A new Frontex that overrides national competences is not acceptable

The concept of a new Frontex that would have the power to override national competences is not acceptable. This statement was made by the Head of the Maltese S&D Delegation while the European Parliament was discussing the “Preparation of the European Council meeting of 17 and 18 December 2015 Council and Commission statements” in Strasbourg.