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We need to appraise europe’s economic and monetary union

Maltese Europarliamentarian Alfred Sant told the European Parliament in Strasbourg that beyond the consolidation of existing management structures, we need a root and branch appraisal of how the Economic and Monetary Union has developed up to now. Dr. Sant was participating in the debate on the future of the Economic and Monetary Union with Eurogroup

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Malta needs the best European solutions that suit it best

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant said that the challenge now is to understand what the realities are and to push for the best European solutions that would also be best for Malta. From our perspective, these would have to include first and foremost, an economic policy in the euro zone that allows small states enough

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Europe’s transport systems need public, not private solutions

In an explanation of vote before voting in favour of the report ‘Sustainable urban mobility’ at the European Parliament in Brussels, Maltese MEP Alfred Sant said that the emphasis on public transport systems across the EU should be on public, not private solutions. Dr. Sant said that over 80 percent of Europe’s populations live in

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Alfred Sant supports ’women-on-boards directive’

Maltese MEP Alfred Sant spoke in favour of the proposed ‘women-on-boards directive’ in a written vote of explanation at the European Parliament in Brussels. Dr. Sant, was commenting on the debate ‘Gender balance among non-executive directors of companies listed on stock exchanges’. In November 2012 the European Commission presented a proposal for a Directive improving

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Maltese aspirations in Europe

As the European Union struggles with the terrorist and the immigration crises, questions are increasingly being raised: Where is Europe going? What should it stand for? How can it cope with the future if there are so many rifts between member states, and so many demands being made on its resources? Will terrorism and immigration

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Europe should take the lead for a marshall plan for Africa

Europe may be too distracted by other crises to take the lead in what is really needed: a Marshall plan for Africa, where public agencies take full charge and do not simply delegate initiative to the private sector, or wait for the latter to take them. This statement was made by Dr. Alfred Sant, Head