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Alfred Sant sceptical on the EC’S ‘Compromise Stand’ on trade agreement between the EU and US

Alfred Sant, Head of the Labour Delegation at the European Parliament said that he is sceptical of the European Commission’s ‘compromise’ stand on the setting up of special arbitration tribunals considered to be ‘private’ extra judicial systems that would have the power to make states change legislation in order to satisfy multinational company claims. Addressing

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EU Tax harmonisation not in Malta’s interests

Former Prime Minister and MEP Alfred Sant told the European Parliament that EU tax harmonisation goes against Malta’s interests and peripheral regions and islands with limited endowments within the European Union. Dr. Sant made this statement in an explanation of vote while the European Parliament was discussing the “Preparation of the Commission Work Programme 2016.”

Plenary Session week 16
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Cohesion funding should not stimulate divergencies between north and south

Maltese MEP Alfred Sant said that the European Union should ensure that cohesion funding and similar proposals do not unintendedly serve to further stimulate divergences by increasing a dependency of south to north over the medium to long term, leading to an increase in counter productive resource transfer, rather than its reduction. Dr Sant made

Plenary session week 11 2015 - European Semester 2015
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The weakness within the EU result from developments within the union

Maltese MEP Alfred Sant told the European Parliament in Strasbourg that the weaknesses within the European Union result from developments within the Union, not from unforeseen events happening outside or inside Europe. Dr. Sant, reacting to President Jean-Claude Juncker’s first ‘State of the Union speech before the European Parliament, said the reasons for the weaknesses