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Uncertain times for europe

Former Prime Minister and MEP Alfred Sant said that today Europe lies in a state of uncertainty in managing its economy, in consolidating its achievements, in strengthening its monetary and economic union and in containing the challenges presented by irregular immigration. Dr. Sant, who was addressing a conference organized by the ‘National Student Travel Foundation’

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The EU Lacks Policies that Counteract National and Regional Divergencies

Maltese MEP Alfred Sant said that the European Union lacks policies that counteract national and regional divergencies which are on the increase. Dr. Sant, Shadow Rapporteur on behalf of the S&D group, told the ECON meeting in Brussels that though the overall aim is to achieve full economic convergence within the European Union, the truth

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Cyprus Airways’ Closure Remains a Headache for Brussels

The closure of Cyprus Airways and the European Commission’s decision on “illegal state aid” remains a headache for Brussels, since the Maltese MEP and former Prime Minister Alfred Sant has submitted questions on the National Cypriot airline’s demise through a series of written queries, to European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager. This was disclosed by

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EC’s option on loss of Cyprus routes unrealistic

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant said the option suggested by the European Commission to compensate for the loss of routes that were serviced by Cyprus Airways, following the latter’s closure, is not a realistic one. Dr. Sant was reacting to a reply given by the European Commission to a parliamentary question in which he asked