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The EC not aware of peripheral islands’ special problems

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant said that within the European Commission there still does not exist sufficient awareness of how peripheral islands and regions are affected by the very fact of their isolation or small size, and that a policy that is based on the principles of unrestricted free trade denies their need for special

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Economic reforms cant stand apart from socially sustainable

Alfred Sant said that economic reforms presented by the European Commission cannot stand apart from socially sustainable actions. Dr. Sant was interviewed by EuroparlTV in Brussels after the European Parliament approved the European Commission’s push to accelerate structural and fiscal demanded by the EU of each member state. The resolution calls for more involvement of

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Equal Flexibility To All Economies, Not Just the Bigger Ones

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant told the European Parliament that the European Commission should apply flexibility equally and fairly to all economies, not just the bigger ones. The Maltese Head of Delegation at the S&D was speaking on a resolution on the EC’s approach to stimulating growth and job creation in the eurozone in 2015.

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People want a europe of nations

The European peoples want a Europe of nations, they do not want a federal solution, former Prime Minister Alfred Sant told the European Parliament. The Labour MEP said that the challenge ahead is to respect what the peoples of Europe want, while satisfying the requirements of an effective monetary union between democratic nations. This challenge