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National parliaments should be involved in eurozone tax decisions

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant said that as a matter of urgency all national parliaments should be active participants and decision makers in the process which the European Commission has been launched on the harmonisation of taxes in the eurozone. Dr. Sant said that having the same tax structures for countries which have different economic

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Alfred Sant’s euro book launch coincides with greek showdown

As the leaders of the eurozone and Greece line up for a final showdown on Monday, there could not have been a more appropriate time for the publication of Alfred Sant’s new book “MALTA AND THE EURO – MALTA U L-EWRO (2)”. It charts and analyses developments in the eurozone crisis between 2012 and 2015

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Europe can’t improve its governance with widely divergent countries

The President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi said that converging countries in the eurozone will make to address the fragilities of the eurozone much, much more easier. Europe cannot improve the governance and design and imagine a different monetary union with countries that are widely divergent. Mr. Draghi was reacting at the European

Malta u L-Ewro 2 Cover
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Malta u L-Ewro 2 – Malta and The Euro

The media is invited to attend the launch of MALTA U L-EWRO – 2  – MALTA & THE EURO, a new publication by MEP Alfred Sant at Melita Gardens, Balzan on Friday 19 June at 12 hrs. The book is being published at a time when the crisis between Greece and the rest of the