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Alfred Sant to address Malta’s european challenges

Former Prime Minister and Maltese Labour MEP Alfred Sant will address Malta’s European challenges and will lay his vision for Malta as an EU member state which will be facing new challenges in Europe. “What impact will tax harmonisation leave on Malta’s strong financial services sector, how will UK withdrawal from the EU affect Malta’s

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European parliament adopts simplified rules for investing in all EU regions

The European Parliament has adopted simplified 2021-2027 common rules for investing in all EU regions and opposed suspension of EU regional funding dependent on national economic targets. Parliament approved a resolution requesting the European Commission to continue to finance up to 85% of support projects approved by the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social

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Genuine agricultural activity should be supported

Maltese MEP Alfred Sant expressed his support for the agricultural activity of a family from Dingli who have been working their fields in their village to produce genuine agricultural products. Dr Sant visited ‘Diar il-Bniet’, a family owned restaurant specialising in traditional cuisine in Dingli, which also produces Maltese goat cheese, honey, syrups among other

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Labour will strive for social protection in Europe

Labour representatives at the European Parliament will continue to shield the interests of young people, workers and the elderly in Europe, former Prime Minister and Maltese MEP Alfred Sant said during a social activity in Senglea organised by Joeline Attard, a Labour candidate contesting the Local elections. Dr Sant said decisions taken at the European