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Immigration has become a security crisis

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant told the European Parliament that waiting for a unified government to form in Libya before decisive action is taken will contribute to further instabilities and deaths. Dr. Sant said that immigration in the Mediterranean is no longer just a humanitarian emergency. It is also a security crisis which has to

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€21 billion unspent by the EU during 2014

Addressing the European Parliament, former Prime Minister Alfred Sant said that if over €21 billion unspent funds by the EU in 2014 had been managed under provisions that are devolved fully to national government, their absorption rates would have been much higher. Dr. Sant said it is strange to still find that so many billions

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Boats Should Be Blocked From Leaving Libya

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant told a meeting of Socialists and Democrats in Brussels that the humanitarian problem with the crossing of illegal immigrants from Africa to Europe we have been facing for the last years has now developed into a security problem. Dr. Sant emphasised that in the current circumstances all boats should be

Plenary Session week 16
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EU state aid procedures should be reappraised drastically

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant told the European Parliament that in a Europe which should stand for the welfare of all citizens, there should be no place for state aid rules that seek fairness for big enterprise, and deny support to small and traditional concerns. State aid procedures employed by the European Commission to vet