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Dombrovskis Tells Alfred Sant : ‘ECB Is Achieving Its Inflation Targets’

Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice President and European Commissioner for the Euro and Social Dialogue said that the European Central Bank is achieving its inflation targets and is also helping to evaluate the debt burdens. ‘With inflation approaching the ECB’s targets, we are certainly having faster nominal growth and we are growing out of our debt burdens.

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Tax Harmonisation Inhibits Competitiveness of Disadvantaged Regions

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant told the European Parliament that calls for the harmonisation of tax structures, or even for “fairness” in so called tax competition, could inhibit even further the competitiveness of areas which find themselves at a disadvantage compared to better endowed areas within the monetary zone. Dr. Sant said that in the

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The EC not interested in Malta’s agricultural specific conditions

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant said that if the European Commisison is not interested in promoting new agricultural projects in Malta, these initiatives should be taken by the Maltese nation to ensure the sustainabile operations of Maltese farmers and animal breeders in Malta and Gozo. Dr. Sant said that statistics provided by the Commission show

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Russian sanctions distracting EU from countering terrorism

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant said that due to the hype surrounding anti-Russia sanctions, the European Union is not tackling more vital issues such as countering terrorism, which require an international response. Sant said that instead of discussing further sanctions, Europe should seek to restore a sane appreciation of EU–Russian ties. Dr. Sant, speaking to

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The EC not aware of peripheral islands’ special problems

Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant said that within the European Commission there still does not exist sufficient awareness of how peripheral islands and regions are affected by the very fact of their isolation or small size, and that a policy that is based on the principles of unrestricted free trade denies their need for special