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Alfred Sant deplores MEPs’ manoeuvers against Malta

Maltese MEP Alfred Sant deplored manoeuvers by certain European Members of Parliament to make Malta also subject to rule of law constraints while sharing the hidden agenda of anti-government forces in Malta. The Maltese MEP, in an intervention on the resolution ‘The rule of law and fundamental rights in Hungary, developments since September 2018’ at

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Europe needs more social measures

The concept of the European Pillar of Social Rights has been achieved through the continous efforts of the Socialists and Democrats across Europe to bring social progress to Europeans together with the measures taken by Socialist Commissioners in favour of the Social Pillar in Europe during the last three years, Maltese MEP Alfred Sant said

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EU one-size-fits all policy does not ensure gender equality

Tax policies need to be at the discretion of EU Member States and no one-size-fits-all policy may properly ensure gender equality as it needs to suit a country’s social and family structures, Maltese MEP Alfred Sant told the European in an explanation of vote on the report ‘Gender equality and taxation policies in the EU’.

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Alfred Sant says europe must address young people’s social realities

Europe must address young people’s social realities across Europe to win their confidence in the European project, said Maltese MEP and former Prime Minister Alfred Sant during an activity organised by the European Parliament Office in Malta with the theme ‘L-Ewropa Fis-Suq mal-MPE Maltin’ at the Valletta Food Market. The Maltese MEP said that while