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Measures against tax competition not in Malta’s interests

There is an increasing trend in Europe to combat tax evasion by eliminating tax competition. Measures against tax competition between EU member states agreed upon by the traditional political parties in Europe as well within the European Commission undermine Malta’s interests, said Maltese MEP Alfred Sant and former Prime Minister Alfred Sant when addressing a

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EU/UK negotiations were fully flawed

Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK were fully flawed. The UK should have been asked first to clear as a matter of principle and policy what future relationship it sought. The EU should have indicated what relationship it found acceptable. Agreement would have been sought on this. Negotiations between the EU and the

Plenary Session week 44 2015 in Strasbourg
Joint debate - European Semester
Dariusz Rosati (ECON A8-0307/2015) - European Semester for economic policy coordination: implementation of 2015 priorities
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Proposed EU militarisation can provoke new crises

Labour MEP and Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant told the European Parliament that the approach to the militarisation of the EU is unwise and likely in future to provoke new crises. “We are getting the impression that the proposed militarization of the EU is part of a hasty response to overcome any future temptation of

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Alfred Sant against proposed harmonised digital taxation

Labour MEP and Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant voted against a resolution supporting the introduction of a harmonised digital tax in Europe as ‘a matter of non-negotiable principle’. Taxation should remain part of each EU member state’s sovereignty, remarked the Maltese MEP when explaining his vote against the resolution ‘Digital services tax and non-adoption of