I voted for this resolution because it makes a serious effort to consider traditional and artisanal fishing as an integral part of the fisheries sector in the Mediterranean, giving members of this community the prominence they deserve, while relating it in a realistic way to the effective management of fish stocks.
We can no longer ignore the fact that institutionally and economically, the position of traditional fishermen was not sufficiently taken into account when conservation policies were being drafted.
In part this happened becuse the legitimate interests of these fishermen were not adequately represented and assessed, in the face of a fast growing and politically effective “modern” “industrial” sector.
This has got to be corrected. Fortunately, there is a growing awareness among traditional fishermen even in the remoter areas that they need to mobilise more effectively.
For even now, there are some who consider traditional fishing as an economically non-viable activity which must be tolerated till it dies out on its own.
There is however a strong economic case, and not just a social and a cultural one, to preserve and enhance for the future traditional fishing in the same way that this is being done for fish stocks.

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