All of us here are in democratic politics.
Which means that the ultimate test of what we try to achieve happens when people vote in elections or referenda.
The thrust of what we have been saying here and elsewhere up to now is that we need more of the same, in application of SGP rules that we all subscribe to.
No matter that much of what is being done on this basis, is too complex for the ordinary citizen to be able to follow, too abstract for him or her to comprehend.
Understandably, you would prefer that we look at the half of the glass that is full.
But voters disagree.
In terms of the ultimate political test, results are very bad.
Over the past twelve months, among others, there was prolonged political stalemate in Spain, two Prime Ministers had to resign and a President was forced to leave politics.
The populists, if not the barbarians are at the gates.
As politicians, are you satisfied with this outcome?
Don’t you think we need an urgent rethink of our priorities?
Don’t you feel like you’re guiding the Titanic into the icefield, while using outdated if sophisticated instruments?

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