I voted in favour of this proposal because it aims at strengthening national competition authorities and the way these bodies operate.

National competition authorities are essential entities for safeguarding the functioning of the single market.

I agree that a certain level of harmonization in the power and responsibility of each member state’s competition authority is essential to safeguard the freedoms ensuing through the EU’s internal market.

Yet, such level of harmonization must not overrun the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality in competition policy. National competition authorities should still have a degree of freedom to act according to the needs and structures of their respective national and regional markets.

Furthermore, the European Competition Network might become an essential tool for national competition authorities in their attempt to oversee competition rules in the digital market. Smaller competition authorities might lack the needed staff and funding to face this struggle.

In this regard, the Competition Network should serve as the vital tool in order to assist all national competition authorities in keeping up-to-date and ready for the most pressing competition challenge of this decade.

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