My vote on this resolution has been conditioned by an awareness that in recent years, there has been a growing demand for securities by people who were finding that their income from personal funds deposited with banks has shrunk.
For some, it has practically become non-existent.
The overall drop in interest rates which made bank deposits dead capital for the holders, has had a devastating effect on many pensioners and old people.
Turning to securities that could provide alternative income has been an approach that some have adopted.
Not all would know the implications of their financial moves, for instance when opting to invest in unsecured notes by companies.
Nor do people who have relied mostly on banks to hold their money necessarily turn to the best advisors when they need to change their financial model. In any event, such an approach would involve them in further expense to which they are not accustomed.
So, detailed, standardised labelling of financial instruments on offer that describe their properties in language that ordinary people can understand might help to prevent mistaken decisions by citizens when reordering their placements, in order to recoup some of their lost income.

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