I wish to explain that my vote in favour of this report is conditioned by the following observation:
Where in this text, security cooperation and joint action by the EU as a whole in collaboration or in tandem with NATO is contemplated and endorsed, I am not in agreement, so long as it is clear that such references do not include or cover neutral states that are members of the EU, unless these autonomously decide to be so associated; and this not least with particular reference to Malta, which as a neutral country, is specifically barred by its Constitution from participating in the programmes of a military alliance.

Background on the report:
The EU and its member states must shoulder more responsibility for their security and defence at once, to enable them to cope with new security challenges at EU borders, MEPs are likely to say in a debate with the EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on Tuesday. The debate takes place ahead of the keenly-awaited June European Council on defence. Parliament votes on its annual resolution on the EU’s
Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) on Wednesday The draft CSDP resolution, prepared in the Foreign Affairs Committee, urges EU member states to make more effective use of CSDP tools, coordinate their internal and external security actions better and pool resources more closely. In a separate resolution, also to be voted on Wednesday, MEPs will also make the case for proper funding of the CSDP through increased efficiency and solidarity among member

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