The reputation of the European Investment Bank as an institution that finances triple A projects is well known.
It does this job very well.
The EIB has been brought as a lead partner in EFSI (European Fund for Strategic Invesments).
This project was meant to inject new funds into the European economy, which has seen its investment levels dip significantly since 2008.
We were told that the EIB would provide the best management and financial structures to ensure that the right projects are chosen and that they would be financed appropriately.
The EIB’s presence would itself help to lever additional funds into EFSI.
Maybe this is happening.
But already, one has to wonder whether the EFSI/EIB project to boost investment has been sufficiently effective.
Beyond the question about the disbursement levels that are being achieved (not sufficiently adequate), another query begs: Are projects really emerging which widen the investment commitment? Or are they projects which would have been financed anyway?
Is the EIB knowhow and its investment appeal, too restricted for a project that is meant to stimulate new investment, which is less risk averse and more innovation oriented?
We need replies to these questions.
We are not getting them.

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