In her presentation, German Chancellor Merkel was as lucid as usual but failed to clarify the basis of her priorities for Europe’s future.
Among the three areas she listed wherein to develop greater European unity, came military defence and security.
But which military threats are now looming over Europe?
And if they exist, why did she during her terms in office, allow German military spending to remain well below the levels of her European partners?
Indeed, is there uncontested support among European citizens for a military coalition that would be funded through EU budgetary resources?
And is building a so-called European defence capability the right way to forge unity in Europe and combat a fading enthusiasm for the European project?
I doubt it.
Would it not be preferable for the EU to concentrate on coordinating security measures within the Union to cover terrorism, immigration and surveillance over organised crime?
Mme Merkel also mentioned as another priority area the problems of immigration.
But were not these aggravated on a European level by the decisions she single handedly and without consultation took to open borders in 2015?
Unfortunately, the Chancellor failed to contest the growing perception that too many decisions in the EU have come to depend on German say-so.

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