The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
It is sad but probable that current ideas to launch an EU defence plan could bear out this dictum.
An EU defence plan can only work if it is based on a clear definition of what the common EU interest is by way of security and defence against external threats from state entities.
That definition does not yet exist in a coherent manner.
Moreover, such a plan would need a military doctrine explaining how security/defence interests would be ensured, based on pooled or jointly coordinated resources, able to conduct warfare.
No such doctrine seems available for the foreseeable future.
Worse, according to current thinking, internal and external security are different sides of the same coin.
Not true.
So the defence plan will likely proceed on the basis of contingent military responses, ad hoc.
Though the European industrial-military complex is right to lobby for a harmonised armaments market, this does not justify a “defence plan” and is achievable without it.
Likely too, a “defence plan” will overlook the interests of neutral countries while another European dual structure of in-outs takes shape.
Is this really worth it?
I think not.

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