Alfred Sant said that the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) should take a position as soon as possible on the proposal of the new Greek government on its pending loans to the other eurozone countries. This statement prompted the S&D to discuss the latest developments in Greece after the Syriza victory at the polls. Alfred Sant’s sentiments on the matter were reflected by the majority of the S&D speakers. The S&D will soon present its official position on the Greek proposal.

Alfred Sant, Head of the Maltese Delegation at the S&D, said that the S&D’s position should be different from that of the right wing parties. This will help the electorate make the distinction between the right and the social democrats. The S&D should act on the Greek proposal by agreeing on a radical restructuring of the loans being carried by the Greek government, nothwithstanding that some member states might argue that this might imperil the Greek loans.

Whilst making sure that countries secure the monies bailed out to Greece, one must underline that the plan presented by the Eurozone to Greece was not being achieved. Sant said that the burdens of this plan were detrimental to workers and pensioners and to those in the lowest strata of society in Greece. This should not be acceptable for Socialists in Europe, stressed Alfred Sant.

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