My vote on this resolution is subject to the reservation below:
Where in this text, security cooperation and joint action by the EU as a whole in collaboration or in tandem with NATO is contemplated and endorsed, I am not in agreement, so long as it is clear that such references do not include or cover neutral states that are members of the EU, unless these autonomously decide to be so associated; and this not least with particular reference to Malta, which as a neutral country, is specifically barred by its Constitution from participating in the programmes of a military alliance.

Background info:
MEPs also call on the European Commission and member states to do more to create a genuine EU defence market. In a resolution drafted by Ana Gomes (S&D, PT), they insist that an efficient single market, based on common rules, is vital for the development of a competitive European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB), which in turn is crucial to secure the capabilities needed for the security of EU citizens.
The resolution was passed by 386 votes to 175, with 84 abstentions.

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