I voted for this Resolution because I support the necessity for a common agenda dealing with the distinctive needs of rural, mountainous and remote areas.
For years, I have defended the right of citizens living in these areas to have the same conditions as those living in other parts of Europe.
To refer to the Resolution, they also have the right to benefit from smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, for the same food quality, to have the same levels of social inclusion, gender equality, job creation, digitalisation and an efficient internal market.
The rights of these citizens are on paper defended by the Treaties: specifically Article 174 states that the Union shall aim at reducing disparities between the levels of development of the various regions and the backwardness of the least favoured regions.
In reality, as one can observe through the case of the island of Gozo, EU entities are too often conveniently forgetting about such rights.
Examples can be given through new funding structures and policy frameworks – rather than assisting these communities, new proposals are eating in what had been granted.
I therefore take occasion through this Resolution to encourage EU policymakers to fix current mechanisms and proposals. The EU needs new structures that are more favourable for these communities, thus allowing for their survival, and eventual flourishing.

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