European Parliament’s resolution on the special situation of islands (04/02/16) recalls that certain handicaps are more difficult to cope with for islands, in proportion to their small size and remoteness from the continental coasts. These impede islands’ access to the single market and are reflected in the Regional Competitiveness Index (RCI 2010, 2013) according to which all island regions ranked lower compared to the allocation methodology used for regional policy. In support to all EU islands, the European Parliament asked for an Islands Desk linked to DG REGIO for coordination work and for an in-depth study/analysis on the extra costs faced as a result of their insularity.

The Commission’s answer to Written Question P-004140/2016 states that “the Commission continues to develop data and analysis concerning the different regions in the Union” and that “it is not planned to set up a specific desk for islands”.

In this regard,

– When will the Commission update the RCI?
– How will the Commission respond to the call for better coordination and analysis of issues relating to island regions?
– Does the Commission foresee a study on the impact of extra-costs incurred by islands on their competitiveness and access to the single market?

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