Last week as the agreement with Greece was being hammered out the point up to the last was mad that the deepest problem was the one of trust. Now, we have an agreement that politically in my view can best be compared not to Versailles historically but to the settlement of the Second Opium War between the European powers and China. Worse though is that the agreement with Greece cannot and will not work. Economically, technically and administratively it will make the matters worse. Most financial analyst are saying it, the IMF is saying it. Yet the settlement is being backed and rammed through by Greece`s partners. Admittedly the Greek government committed grave strategy mistakes in the conduct of negotiations. But don’t you think that now the problem of trust has shifted from Greece to its partners?

Will not the question arise worldwide, as a question of trust: Do the Europeans partners of Greece understand the economic implications of the conditions they have imposed? If they do not understand, they cannot be trusted. If they do understand, why do they impose it, politically knowing it will fail?

In this context, do you propose to undertake any initiative, within the European Union and outside it, to counter the mistakes and instabilities that are bound to arise around the EU brand?

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