The progress being achieved on the Scandinavian Mediterranean corridor work plan is quite impressive and I think much of the credit for that should be given to Mr Cox personally as Corridor coordinator. I spoke about this to the authorities in Malta and they were all praise for the follow up and flexibility that have been maintained.
As a result many of the challenging and much needed objectives set in the new transport infrastructure policy as prescribed in the Ten T guidleines are I understand, being achieved.
However one notes how this corridor workplan, like others in the same category, bridges a wide number of regions in the EU and the eurozone which have been experiencing different rates of economic growth and which have been diverging economically from each other.
To promote economic convergence between different parts of the Union has become a huge priority for all of us. It might be that work on the Scandinavian corridor plan provides lessons and valid experience as to how to generate better convergence in practice between regions.
I would like to know whether you and other coordinators of corridor plans have been in any way associated with the proposals being designed under the European Fund for Strategic Investment, the so-called Juncker fund, to trigger new meaningful investments in Europe, not least to promote convergence?
Also in implementing the work plan, have you found any notable difficulties in getting coordination of projects between regions having diverging rates of economic performance?

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