The situation in Libya is becoming desperate.
Daesh extremists are extending their reach.
The time to stop them is as soon as possible.
However, the European Union decided to await the formation of a Libyan government of national unity under United Nations aegis.
It should honour this decision.
So, it can reclaim the respect and trust of the Libyan people.
Negotiations towards a national unity government have been spiked with mistrust.
For Libyan society has been deeply fractured by the events of the past few years.
It cannot surprise that negotiations encountered long delays.
Nor should one overlook mistakes in mediation efforts.
Irritated by delays, they went for speed.
The main players in the Libyan drama share a country but have totally contrasting perspectives and interests.
Whether in good or bad faith, they must decide the future of their people.
Imposing sanctions against those who fail to deliver unity now is a bad decision especially if taken independently of the United Nations system.
That will serve to kindle the suspicion of the Libyan people in European intentions.
True, quick action is required against Daesh.
But allowing more time to truly find a lasting solution by which to establish a Libyan national unity administration is a risk to take.

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