Alfred Sant told the European Parliament that it is not debating why the European social model is being dismantled, or how we can develop a serious policy on immigration. That agenda has been hijacked by political extremes and the so-called populists. This is a huge failure. The challenges being faced by Europeans citizens will not be overcome with the technocratic jargon we listen to, as if we all were officials of the International Monetary Fund. Challenges will be overcome only as a result of straight political talk between the representatives of European citizens. This should include a deep discussion on whether the political structures built by our predecessors are adequately responding to the needs of Europeans.

The Maltese EuroParliamentarian, addressing the European Parliament in Brussels, said that in May, European citizens showed that they desired a change in the direction of Europe. Perhaps, they also wanted this Parliament to give the signal for change. Nearly six months after the European elections, I ask: is the change that our constituents desired actually happening? ‘ I would say not. I expected to attend here clear debates about what the people of Europe are expecting. About where in recent years we made good decisions, and where we made mistakes in the management of the European Union and the Eurozone.

I expected questions about how European unity is, for both good and bad, affecting the lives of the citizens who elected us, so that where change is needed, it is carried out.
Instead, we went on with business-as-usual as before May.

Few people in my country have understood the manoeuvres that led to the appointment of President of commissions, committees and delegations and whatever else. Few care. The arguments for more or less Europe leave citizens at a loss about what is creating economic stagnation and such high unemployment.

View link below to see Dr. Sant’s intervention at the European Parliament

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